Frequently Asked Questions

Why is iAgrams free? Wouldn't it be better to charge for it and donate the money to charity, for example bell restoration funds?

I have installed iAgrams on my iPhone 1 or old iPod touch and it is slow. In particular, it takes a long time to show the list of Surprise Major methods.

I am using iAgrams on an iPad, and either I get a small display in the centre of the screen, or I use the "2x" button but then the display is jagged. Why?

Is there a version of iAgrams for Blackberry or Windows devices?

Does iAgrams contain a copy of the Central Council method libraries, or does it obtain methods from the internet?

How do I add a new collection?

How do I delete a collection?

How do I change the order of the list of collections?

How do I add a method to a collection?

How do I delete a method from a collection?

How do I change the order of the methods in a collection?

Can a method appear in more than one collection?

The pinch gestures for zooming in and out don't seem to work for some methods. Why not?

Why doesn't iAgrams show bobs and singles?

Is it possible to print from iAgrams?

How do I install iAgrams on an Android device?

Here is a simple technique; others are described here.